Institute for Healing Racism

Experience the Institute for Healing Racism at Grand Rapids Community College. The powerful two-day session connects people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds to discuss thought provoking topics. Participants will explore the history of race in North America as well as critically examine how race affects us professionally and personally.

The Institute’s core beliefs are:

  • The oneness of humanity
  • Racism is a social not a biological construct
  • Racism affects all people
  • Healing is possible

" made me re-evaluate my information about others and think twice about my daily thoughts and actions. I now know what I didn’t know, but thought I knew."

"I refuse to be an instrument of racism and the information that the Institute has given me has only strengthened my resolve. Profoundly, my life will never be the same."

"...potentially threatening subject matter was presented in a non-threatening environment. I was challenged to explore my perspectives and beliefs about racism."

Don't miss out on what many have described as a life changing opportunity. Participants are now eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEU).

The Institute for Healing Racism is facilitated by certified trainers by the Woodrick Center. Registration for a two-day session is limited to 20 participants. Each participant must commit to attendance for both days. For more information regarding industry specific Institutes for Healing Racism, please contact Tamber Bustance at or 616-234-3390.

Upcoming Dates

October 5-6, 2017

December 7-8, 2017

April 12-13, 2018


Online Registration