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Ever wonder why a degree in business is the number one choice among all the options at GRCC? Because the path leads off in so many directions. And there are so many job options. Do you enjoy leading or organizing people, planning activities, making presentations and working with numbers or innovative ideas? Would you describe yourself as assertive, sociable, persuasive and/or dependable? GRCC can prepare you for a job in sales, human resources, marketing and purchasing, among others. Are you practical and orderly? You can move along a path to accounting, market research or financial services. Self-confident, ambitious, orderly? Prepare to start your own business.

The Business Department offers the following programs: Accounting, Business Administration, Office Administration, Management & Supervision, and Marketing. 

Mission Statement

The Business Department prepares students for academic and professional success. Learning experiences including courses, degrees and co-curricular activities enable student success at baccalaureate institutions and as professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs.

About the Business Department

Most people work for a business. Some will run their own business. Those knowledgeable in business operations are essential to helping organizations run effectively. Business is a diverse, challenging career field with a wide variety of job opportunities in private enterprises and public institutions. Business careers offer growth, personal satisfaction, and financial reward. Whether you are creative and innovative or practical and analytical, there’s a business career for you. Employment opportunities exist in virtually all industries including financial, marketing, wholesaling, manufacturing, service, nonprofit and government institutions.

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Advantages of GRCC's Business Program

The Business programs at Grand Rapids Community College offer you:
  • The latest technology in business applications
  • A wide choice of business classes
  • A degree for career progression
With GRCC’s Business programs, you can:
  • Earn an associate degree or a certificate.
  • Choose individual courses to meet your needs and improve your job performance.
  • Prepare to transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree in business.
In all programs you’ll learn:
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Team building
  • Communication
  • Computer operations
  • Creative thinking